About Us

Vincent & Donna CzepielWhen we moved to Johnston County in 2014 there were so many things we had to do. Get a NC drivers license, register our cars, arrange for garbage pickup, TV, phone and Internet, find a new doctor… the list goes on.

We found everything we needed (eventually) but it took a while. As our neighborhood grew, many of the new neighbors asked us where we went for this or that. When we first moved here, there were six families in our subdivision. Two-and-a-half years later, there were 30 families, and now that the developer has finished building all the houses he has lots cleared for, there are 53. That gave us the idea to create a directory targeted to new residents, but helpful to everyone.

Building websites is nothing new to me. I began in 1998 building a website for a drum corps I belonged to in New York. Before long I was in the website business and still have clients throughout the country. I prefer working with local businesses. Being semi-retired and working from home, I can make the process easy and affordable for any business. So you get New York web design at Johnston County prices… and everyone knows — you get more for your money in Johnston County!