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Welcome to Willowrun Veterinary Hospital!

Willowrun Veterinary Hospital is a place where compassion, love of animals, and community meet. We are located in the town of Smithfield, North Carolina, and stand as Johnston County’s oldest veterinary hospital. We are also one of the longest accredited American Animal Hospital Association facilities in the country, a badge we proudly wear.

Our passionate goal is to reflect Christ’s love by providing families with compassionate, progressive, and outstanding veterinary medicine in celebration of the unique human-animal bond. By building a fulfilling work environment centered on life-long learning, we believe that we can enhance each client’s experience and improve each patient’s care. We strive to make each interaction a genuine and memorable experience with our core values of teamwork, patience, and respect guiding us as we serve our patients and glorify God.

To accomplish this we provide a complete list of veterinary medical services in a fully-equipped facility, along with boarding services. Our hospital team prioritizes continued education, and is always eager to learn new techniques and therapies that will allow us to provide the most comprehensive and dependable care in the veterinary industry. Our team shares a collective goal of providing both acute care for sick pets and preventative care that helps our companions remain healthy throughout their lives.

To facilitate our care for sick pets, we offer leading-edge technologies, including advanced surgical procedures, laser therapy, and digital radiology. We also have an in-house diagnostic laboratory that can provide accurate and timely test results to diagnose disease and help guide therapy.

The preventative care side of our mission centers on regular check-ups and client education. We believe the pet parent is a vital partner in wellness care! Through the wellness visit we educate and administer vaccinations, parasite testing, preventative blood work, and discuss nutrition. Although it is inevitable that animals may fall sick and decline with age, we want to give our pet patients every opportunity to thrive.

We also offer the specialized care of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. This third realm of medicine is valuable for both preventative and sick pet visits, but is distinctly able to treat chronic conditions. These ancient but cutting edge tools help us facilitate whole body health and promote optimal function and balance.

Our sincere wish is for the pets under our care to focus on wagging and purring and loving their humans, while we focus on their lifelong wellness.

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